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El dragón de Komodo; audio play.

Towards the end of the third year of my after school Spanish club in a primary school, the children had such different levels that the class became extremely difficult to teach. Between the Y6 who had done 3 years Spanish with me and the Y4 newcomer, there was such a gap, that one was getting bored and the newcomer was lost. After a couple of unsatisfactory lessons, I decided to change the format, to finish the year without frustration.
I am not sure if the idea came from the group, but the storyline was definitely not from me. They created the whole story and because they had full control of the project, they were really involved in it. We started with the ambitious aim to make a video, but it soon proved to be impossible, as they were always forgetting their props and costumes. So we decided to make an audio play, and it was actually very easy to make it lively by adding sounds from various free sound banks I found on the web.
We didn’t have much time at all, but it is a first trial t…

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